We are energy specialists

Calgary’s investor-first private equity firm

Investment Strategy

Northbridge is focused on providing capital to start-up companies who are looking to build their business and to more mature companies who are continuing to advance their company. 

Respected amongst Calgary investment firms for its unmistakable oil and gas expertise, Northbridge’s approach, proprietary due diligence, and active post-investment stewardship has amounted to investments that deliver value year after year.

Investing in the right private companies allows access to different assets and management teams than those that are available in the public market.

We explore public investments when opportunities simply can’t be replicated in the private market and when dislocation between private and public markets occurs.

Thanks to a combination of experienced investment managers, strategic analysis, and an opportunistic approach to the market, Northbridge Capital managers have invested in over 20 private opportunities over the past 12 years.

Exclusive Access

As far as investments go, being first can pay off in spades. Our extensive network of industry contacts often means that Northbridge Capital gets an early call for new investment opportunities. This coupled with our ability to act quickly translates directly to exclusive opportunities not commonly found at other Calgary investment firms.


It is priceless. After successfully managing investments through the worst energy sector downturn in decades, we leverage everything we’ve learned over the 10 years as active energy investors to make solid decisions for long-term success.


Not all private equity firms in Calgary are created equal. We believe strong, agile investments are the outcome of solid governance and a like-minded pool of investors. We focus on creating a tight-knit, exclusive pool of investors and a private equity fund that delivers value in every way possible.


Our choice to hone in on oil & gas opportunities wasn’t by chance. As a private equity investment manager focused specifically on the energy sector, Northbridge Capital’s sector-specific skills position the firm to be capable of delivering outsized equity returns. Our approach also aims to provide its investors with follow-on opportunities.